5 Fabulous Ways to Appreciate Your Introvert on World Introvert Day

woman lying on couch covering face with balloon.

World Introvert Day is celebrated every year on January 2nd. It’s a day for introverts to take time for quiet, relaxation, and alone time to recharge their batteries after the busy (and very social) holiday season. 

This holiday is not commonly known to many people but it’s close to my heart. And if you’re an extrovert wondering why there’s no extrovert day, it’s because pretty much every day is extrovert day. 

Our society bends toward extroverts, making this day for celebrating introverts that much more special.

Why is World Introvert Day Celebrated?

World Introvert Day began in 2011 when Psychologist Felicitas Heyne called for a day to celebrate the quiet types of the world. It highlights an opportunity to learn more about introverts and what makes them tick. 

Too often introverts are dismissed as being weird, arrogant, or standoffish. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just approach social situations very differently from our extroverted counterparts. 

This poses challenges for introverts since we live in an extrovert world. But this day is set aside to learn more about and embrace our differences. 

A great place to start is by learning what introversion really means.

What Being an Introvert Really Means

Although there are different levels to introversion, generally, introverts are quiet, more reserved people who boost their energy by being alone. 

They are very introspective which means they think a lot about everything. They process their world and experiences through their thoughts, and may only say very few words about it (if any). 

Social situations tend to make them uncomfortable, especially after long periods. This has more to do with the amount of energy it requires of them, and their natural aversion to small talk, rather than shyness. 

Shyness is often attributed to introverts but that is usually not the case. Shyness is related to a fear of interacting with others whereas introverts simply prefer to engage with people differently. Not necessarily because they are afraid.

Introverts are pretty selective about who they spend their time with because of the mental energy necessary to do so. So, if you have a close friend that is an introvert, know that you have been carefully selected and are valued. 

All the more reason to show them some love and appreciation on Introvert Day.

Ways to Appreciate Your Introvert on Introvert Day

Celebrating Introvert Day doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 5 thoughtful ways to appreciate your introvert on World Introvert Day. 

1. Help Them Plan A Stay Day

Introverts love quiet, alone time to recharge. Help them plan for their next recharge day by offering some activities they could do while recharging. 

You could create a playlist of shows or movies to binge, or send them some bath oils to enjoy a nice, relaxing soak in the tub.

2. Make a Coupon Book of Stay-In Cards

Take it from me, sometimes I and my fellow introverts just don’t have it in us to go out and be social. We may have had every intention of keeping our plans with you but had a busier (or more people-y) day than we anticipated.

A brilliant Introvert Day gift could be a handmade book of stay-in cards. These are cards your friend can use when they need to cancel plans to recharge without feeling guilty about it. Your job is to accept the card when it is used with no backlash.

3. Take a Social Task

A simple but unexpected gesture to appreciate your introvert is to offer to do a social task for them. Maybe they have to take their mother-in-law shopping, or volunteer at a PTA event. 

Pick something you know they’re not looking forward to, and that you can take on for them. I can just imagine how big their smile will be.

4. Make a ‘Why I Enjoy Having an Introvert as a Friend’ List

This is a simple gesture that you can include in a card or a letter. Write a short (or long, up to you) list about why you like having an introvert as a friend. 

Not only will it make them feel appreciated but it will show you understand them or at least took the time to try to understand them. Either way, it would mean a lot.

5. Make an Introvert-Themed Gift Basket

Gift baskets are tried and true. They work for pretty much any occasion because you can change the contents to fit the purpose. An introvert-themed gift basket could include things like bookmarks, snacks, wine, or any of the ideas above. 

And don’t be scared of a cute novelty item with funny introvert puns (mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, etc.). Try to focus on a theme like a stay night, self-care, or an interest or hobby of theirs. Get fun and creative with it!

Appreciating Your Introvert on World Introvert Day 

If you didn’t know about World Introvert Day, now you do! I think everyone has at least one introvert in their circle. Use these ideas on this special day to show them how much you value and appreciate them. I’m sure it will touch their heart, although they’ll probably never say as much. 😂