Real-Life Coffee Bar Ideas: Set Up & Storage for Any Space

Woman working on laptop while sipping coffee with dog in background.

Ever wish coffee could just appear in your hand in the morning? Until we figure that out, a coffee bar is the next best thing. Here’s some coffee bar storage ideas to turn your coffee dreams into reality. But let’s start with how to set up a coffee bar.

How to Set Up a Coffee Bar

Setting up a coffee bar is simple and fun! Choose your ideal location, gather your supplies, organize and arrange everything, then style it to suit your home design or based on whatever brings you joy.

Choosing Your Coffee Bar Location

The first step in setting up a coffee bar is choosing a good location. Most people choose the kitchen for this. If you have a small kitchen, a corner of your countertop works perfectly. You may even consider a wall-mounted shelf to save more space.

For a larger kitchen, dedicating some space on your kitchen island or in the middle of your dining table works as well for a home coffee station.

But don’t be afraid to think outside of the kitchen such as a living, room, formal dining room, office, or even your bedroom. For these places, consider things like bookshelves or a coffee bar cart.

Location is an important first step for home coffee bar ideas. The main thing is choosing a location that makes sense for your normal routine. Think about when you tend to have your coffee, and what location would be most convenient.

Gather Your Coffee Supplies

Once you’ve chosen your location, the next step is to gather your supplies. These include everything you need to make your delicious coffees daily.

You’ll need to include a coffee machine (or espresso machine if you’re fancy), your favorite coffee or coffee beans, coffee mugs, spoons or stirrers, and any other items you find essential to having your best cup of coffee. Then arrange them in a way that is functional and easy to clean.

If you’re working with a very small space, only include the coffee essentials. A cluttered coffee bar is not a functional coffee bar. It’s, in fact, a mess waiting to happen. This is especially important to remember if guests will be using your coffee bar as well.

Should my coffee bar have a sink is a common question. The answer is not necessarily. If a sink would be convenient and functional for you, and your location allows for it, go for it.

However, it’s not necessary. If your coffee bar is in your kitchen, there is probably a sink nearby. If not, and water is important to your coffee-making process, include a pitcher or bottle of water in your arrangement.

You’ll also want to consider the reach of little hands and/or furry paws when arranging your coffee bar. The last thing you want is all your supplies turning into an avalanche because they were curious, or trying to “help.” Or, even worse, accidental burns from hot coffee spilling.

Organize Your Supplies

After arranging your supplies, you’ll want to think about how to keep them organized. Consider organization tools like small bins, baskets, or containers.

A wall-mounted magnetic strip is a great way to hold your mugs. Alternatively, cup hooks that hang from your cabinets will do this as well in an organized and visually appealing way. 

Trays are also very useful for coffee bar storage. They can hold your spoons or your coffee pods. Tiered trays are especially good for organizing things in a way that allows you to easily see and grab what you need.

Style Your Coffee Bar

Here’s where you get to have a little fun, not that organizing isn’t fun. Make your coffee bar a focal point by adding some personality!

Brighten it up with different colors or try things like fun wallpaper, a chalkboard, flowers, or plants. You can even include some retro or vintage pieces such as a vintage tray. 

Most people will try to match their coffee bar area to their kitchen design however, I’m going to encourage you to be different.

Make your coffee bar a little fun zone in your kitchen. After all, if you’re like me, coffee is a daily essential. So why not make this daily thing that you do bring some joy to your life and a smile to your face?

Introvert Petal

Despite what I wrote above, it doesn’t have to be loud and bright to bring you joy. I happen to like colors but I also appreciate starting my morning quietly.

If that’s you, try a more soothing color palette and make sure your coffee bar is neat and clean before bed at night. This is more likely to bring you peace and joy when you see it in the morning.

Keep Your Coffee Bar Clean

Finally, once your coffee bar is all set up, try your best to keep it clean and organized. Each day make sure to wipe down your coffee maker, countertop, and any spills that may have happened. And make sure there are only clean mugs left there. 

Keep your supplies neat and organized. And don’t be afraid to break out the label maker for this.  If everything has a home it’s much easier to tidy up. Labeling your bins, baskets, and containers makes this clear for you and others cleaning the coffee bar.

When you’re cleaning, it’s also an excellent time to check your supplies for what may be running low. Points for efficiency if you add it to your shopping list right then and there. 

Shout Out to My Fellow Tea Lovers

I hear you, tea friends! Everything included in this article would work just as well for a tea bar — which would be a great addition to any home by the way. Just switch the supplies from coffee supplies to tea supplies. That includes your teapot, tea cups, sweeteners (if you use them), and any other accessories. I definitely include both in my home!

Coffee Bar Storage Ideas

It’s a good idea to keep some backstock of your coffee bar storage supplies so you don’t have to run out to the store whenever you’re out of something. Or, you may want to use the space where your coffee bar is located for something else like a party or holiday decorations. 

In that case, here are some coffee bar storage ideas for when you want to put the coffee bar away temporarily without having to go through the complete setup process again.

  • Open shelving: Installing open shelves above or below your coffee bar is an excellent way to quickly put everything away while keeping it neat and organized. Use small bins or baskets to corral smaller items.

    Pro tip: corners are often treated as dead space. Use L-shaped shelving to maximize this space by creating a coffee corner. Even a small corner could make the perfect place for a coffee nook.

  • Drawers and cabinets: If you have drawers or kitchen cabinets near your coffee bar, these are the best spot for extra storage. However, I encourage you to get drawer organizers and bins for cabinets.

    Drawer organizers will keep everything from spilling around in the drawer and creating a mess that you have to clean later. Bins are good to make sure your coffee supplies don’t get pushed around and lost among whatever else is in the cabinet.

  • Wall mounts: People often neglect the vertical space in their homes for storage opportunities. You can find a large selection of wall-mounted organizing tools in various shapes and sizes that will work well for coffee bar storage.

    Some are even made specifically for coffee supplies. These are great tools if you don’t have drawers, or your cabinet and counter space is limited.

  • Rolling cart: A rolling cart is the best option for alternative coffee bar locations like your office or bedroom. You can put everything on the cart and simply roll it into a closet or hallway, then roll it back when you’re ready. A rolling coffee cart is a fun way to add an element of hospitality to a guest room for coffee lovers who visit.

  • Alternative coffee bar storage ideas: If you want to flex your creative side or you want something a little different than what everyone else has, try a DIY coffee station.

    Using some vintage pieces for your coffee bar storage is a great DIY option. Examples include a vintage dresser, an old suitcase or trunk, or even a refurbished wooden crate. A lot of times these things can be brought back to life, and look really chic, at no extra cost with just a little love and paint.

Coffee Bar Storage Ideas and Setup You Can Use

Creating your own coffee bar doesn’t have to be complicated, or something you only see on Pinterest. A little thought about your location, gathering your coffee-making supplies, and organization will have you on your way to your dream coffee bar in no time.

Style it your way and use these coffee bar storage ideas to keep your coffee bar neat and clean for everyday use. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and level up your morning routine with a chic coffee bar in your home.