Girl Easter Basket Inspiration 2023 (All Ages)

Baby girl sitting on grass with easter basket.

Oh, snap! When is Easter again!? We’ve all been there before … or is that just me? Well, not this year! I’m sharing some Easter basket ideas for girls that will help you get ahead of the game.

I have fond memories of my mother creating beautiful, exciting Easter baskets for me when I was young. Now that I’m a mom, I love creating Easter baskets for my girls. Use this list of ideas for girls at every age level for inspiration when building yours.

What Do You Put in a Little Girl Easter Basket?

Stuffing, wrapping, and fillers are the main components you put in an Easter basket. Stuffing is used to fill the bottom of the basket as a cushion for the fillers, and wrapping encloses everything together. 

Stuffing also serves as padding to lift the fillers, making them easier to see and display at the top of the basket. My favorite stuffing is Easter “grass.” This is a bunch of confetti-like strips of plastic or paper that come in multiple colors. It’s great for filling the bottom of your basket to elevate the goodies you plan to put in it.

Wrapping is usually a plastic or sheer fabric bag the basket is placed in and tied at the top. It’s tied with a simple twisty tie or any type of beautiful ribbon. The point of the wrapping is to hold everything together and give your kiddo something to open.

Next, you’ll add in your Easter basket fillers. There are all sorts of fillers you can include. Take a look at some of the most popular types below, or jump straight to ideas for your girl’s age level.

What Are the 5 Most Popular Easter Basket Items?

The top five most popular Easter basket items are candy, toys, stuffed animals, faith-based items, and activity books. People find different variations of these categories but, typically, there is something representing each in an Easter basket.

What Are Good Easter Basket Ideas?

The best Easter basket ideas are your unique version of the following types of items: bibles (teen and other youth-focused bibles are great options), fun activities, learning activities, pampering items, treats to eat, and something memorable.

Want to level up your basket game? Try a themed basket. Themed baskets include your favorite Easter basket stuffers but with a similar characteristic or color.

An example of a fun Easter basket theme is summer vacation. You can include fun items such as sidewalk chalk, cute flip-flops, a water bottle, and a beach ball.

Here’s some ideas for these common types of Easter basket goodies for kids of all ages.

Easter Basket Ideas for Baby and Toddler Girls

The sweetest Easters will be when your kid is a baby girl or toddler. They are still so excited and easy to please at that age. These creative ideas are a great starting point for your little one’s baskets.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are always a sweet addition to an Easter basket for baby and toddler girls. There are usually plenty of adorable, soft stuffed bunnies to choose from in different colors. 

Or, you can be a little different and get another animal your girl seems to like more. My oldest was really into llamas for a while so guess what she got in her Easter basket one year. ☺️

Photo Frame Craft Kit

You can buy one or put one together yourself. A few craft sticks, glue, and decorations will do the trick! It’s a creative fun activity that’s the perfect way for your little one to create an Easter memory.


Most parents stray away from giving toddlers too much candy, and babies should definitely not have any candy. But including some of your baby’s or toddler’s favorite snacks will be just as exciting for them. Goldfish, cookies, pretzels … all fair game in snack-sized packs.


Some Easter-themed stickers are simple and lots of fun so add them to your list of easter basket ideas. Pro tip: keep an eye out if you don’t want them to end up stuck on the furniture or carpet.

Small Toys

Smaller items are great fillers for a fuller basket. Examples of small toys you could include are teethers for babies and figurines of your toddler’s favorite characters. 

Coloring Books

Tried and true. Look for an Easter-themed coloring book or activity book. They’re a perfect fun activity to include in your child’s Easter basket.


Flashcards and memory cards are a perfect blend of a fun activity and a learning activity.

Easter Basket Ideas for Elementary-Age Girls

Younger kids will really appreciate the effort you put into creating a lovely basket that goes beyond plastic eggs. Be sure to keep fun in mind when building your school-aged girl’s basket.


If your girl likes to read, try including the next book in her favorite series. Or, try something new you think she would like.


Girls at this age are all about dolls, typically. Dolls that allow them to do their hair and/or change their clothes are great gift ideas.

Other fun activity ideas include mad libs or some other type of puzzle book.

Personal Care

Personal care ideas for elementary-age girls include scented lip balm, hair accessories, and pins or keychains for their shoes or backpack.


Easter candy is usually included in Easter gift baskets in some way. Still want to limit the amount of candy? Try one large piece versus a bunch of smaller pieces such as a chocolate bunny or pack of Peeps.

Mini Scrapbook

This allows them to capture the memories that are impactful for them in a fun way. It will be something cherished by your whole family.

Easter Basket Ideas for Tween and Teen Girls

Older girl baskets tend to focus more on practical gifts and pampering items. The good news is, although mostly practical, these are each still an affordable Easter basket idea.


If your tween or teen doesn’t have a journal, Easter is a great time to give them one. Every girl should have a place to download her thoughts and feelings at this age.

An idea for a teen learning activity is a book that goes a little deeper into the story of Easter. It’s a great way for them to learn that Easter isn’t just about giving gifts.


Tweens and teens will definitely appreciate you adding in some of their favorite candy. Or, to minimize the amount of candy, include a gift card for one of their favorite desserts like frozen yogurt or cupcakes.

Speaking of gift cards, older kids won’t turn down a cash gift card for their favorite brands so consider that an option as well.

Pamper Items

Pampering ideas for girls’ Easter baskets include nail polish (or press-on nails), makeup, scented body sprays and lotions, and headbands.

Personal Note

Lastly, writing a personal note for your tween or teen girl is a memorable touch that they can hold onto for years to come. It could also become a beautiful Easter tradition they can pass along to their children one day.

Not sure what to write? Try expressing your love and hopes for their future, and reminding them that God is the one who can help with everything they need.

Make your personal note even more special with my free, printable Easter stationery set.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

These ideas will help you create a thoughtful and unique Easter basket for your girl no matter how old she is. Plus, they are relatively low-cost and easy to find. You can even get a lot of them at your local dollar store. Try these out and make this Easter a great one!