Fun Wedding Anniversary Games for Any Size Celebration

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It’s just you and your hubby. You finally get some alone time to celebrate reaching another year of marriage. What’s the best way to do that? Wedding anniversary games, of course! I’m sure that’s what you were thinking too. 😉

Wedding anniversaries are an important milestone. You should definitely take the time to truly acknowledge and celebrate all the work that goes into a long, healthy marriage. It’s not easy! You and your spouse deserve all the kudos. Wondering what type of games would work for a wedding anniversary?

Read on. Here are some wedding anniversary games that are fun and romantic. Most of all, they celebrate the two of you. You’re sure to find a few games that work no matter how you’re planning to celebrate.

What Games Can You Play at Wedding Anniversaries?

The best wedding anniversary game involves both spouses. They help them reflect on their marriage up to this point, and highlight how well they’ve come to know each other. And, of course, the best games acknowledge how deep the couple’s love has grown. 

Games can be deep and meaningful or fun and lighthearted – there’s room for both. Here I’ll share party games that work for the couple celebrating together, small anniversary parties, or large anniversary parties.

Wedding Anniversary Games and Activities for Couples

These game ideas will help you and the hubs to connect and enjoy time with each other on your wedding anniversary. They are great for making memories.

The Newlywed Game

The newlywed game is a classic and simple game. Couples answer questions about each other to see how well they know each other. You can buy this game as a set, find questions online, or (my favorite) make your own list of questions. Asking friends and family to send some questions is a great idea to introduce variety.

Love Letter

The love letter game takes a little bit of time in advance, especially if writing your feelings doesn’t come naturally to you. Each of you writes a love letter only to be shared with your spouse on your anniversary. The part that makes it really romantic is reading it to them yourself.

Your letters should include how you feel about your spouse now compared to when you were first married. Be sure to also include some of your favorite things about sharing life with them.

Board Games

I’ll bet you didn’t expect to find this on the list. However, a board game or two is a great option for couples who like to keep it light and enjoy loving competition. You can go with some of the classics or choose board games created just for couples. Your favorite card game works just as well.

Spa Night

Spa night is ideal for any couple but especially for couples with kids. It’s a wonderful way for you and your spouse to relax and unwind. Try to keep the night as calming as possible by unplugging as best you can. Turn off unnecessary notifications and focus on each other. Common spa night activities include massage, a hot bath, and facials.

Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner is another classic way of celebrating a wedding anniversary. Spice it up by getting all dressed up (separately) and meeting each other at the restaurant instead of going together. You’d be surprised how much this switch-up will change your normal dynamic.

New Adventure

Sharing a new adventure is a great way to celebrate years of marriage. There’s no better time to check off a bucket list item. Your new adventure can be an extreme activity you want to try, a new place you want to visit, or a new skill or hobby. The best part is creating a memory you’ll share for years to come.

Couple’s Getaway

The benefit of a couple’s getaway is getting away from all of life’s stressors. It can be hard to reconnect with so many things pulling on our time and attention. Getting away with your spouse helps you focus on each other. Everything else can wait!

If money is too tight for a big getaway. Try staying local with a hotel date night instead. Make it as romantic and relaxing as you like and let the world outside your hotel room melt away.

Planning to celebrate with a few close friends and family members? Give these wedding anniversary games for small gatherings a try.

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Wedding Anniversary Games for Small Parties

As nice as it is to celebrate with just the two of you, sometimes you want to feel the love from friends and family too. These wedding anniversary games are small party pleasers.

Wedding Trivia

The wedding trivia game is a fun way to test your guests’ knowledge of wedding traditions and facts. The player or team with the most correct answers wins. Make the game more personal by testing your guests’ memory of details from your own wedding day. That turns it into a fun party game and a trip down memory lane. 

It’s a good idea to include some fun prizes. Even if they’re silly gag gifts. People love winning things!

Karaoke Competition

Turn up the music and grab the earplugs! Create a YouTube playlist of songs your age group loves. Then give party guests a chance to live out their pop star dreams. Make sure the cocktails are flowing for this one. 😉 You and your spouse act as the judges’ panel and decide who had the best performance. 

Pro tip: get a karaoke mic on Amazon. Their not too expensive and make karaoke way more exciting. Many of them come with fun lights to amp up the show factor.

Introvert Petal

The ones sitting there like a deer in headlights when you yell out “Time for karaoke!” Yup, those are your introvert friends and they hate the idea of karaoke. They’re probably thinking of the best excuse to leave early. 

The ones sitting there like a deer in headlights when you yell out “Time for karaoke!” Yup, those are your introvert friends and they hate the idea of karaoke. They’re probably thinking of the best excuse to leave early. 

Do the quiet ones a solid and give them an out. Offer them another job that still allows them to be involved like timekeeper or DJ. For some, the option of performing as a group instead of solo would be helpful.

Blind Newlywed Game

The blind newlywed game is a spin on the original. The happy couple sits back-to-back, each holding one of their spouse’s shoes and one of their own. A moderator poses questions to the couple which they respond to by lifting the appropriate shoe. 

For example, who is more messy? They each lift the shoe of the one they think is messier. It’s pretty funny when they answer differently. If kids will be at your party, this is a great game to get them involved.

Scavenger Hunt

A wedding anniversary scavenger hunt uses clues related to your special day. The prize should be related to your wedding theme. A scavenger hunt is fun but it does take some prep time to plan, write, and hide the clues.

Musical Chairs

Yes, you read that correctly. Musical chairs is not just for kids’ parties. The same rules apply — everyone moves around a set of chairs until the music stops.

But for grown-up musical chairs, each person receives a dare, challenge, or drink as the consequence of being left without a seat. Use your favorite song to play the game, and get a few favorites from your guests too.

Balloon Game

The balloon game is fun if you have a bunch of other couples at your party. The couple holds an inflated balloon between them and tries to move it from their belly buttons to their noses, without using their hands. If they drop it, they have to start all over.

For some of you, it ain’t a party unless everyone’s invited. I see you! Try these wedding anniversary games for large parties.

Wedding Anniversary Games for Large Parties

You may want to throw a big party if you have a milestone year coming up such as a 20, 30, 40, or 50th wedding anniversary. I don’t blame you! It takes some effort to make it that long and it’s worth a big celebration. 

Try some of these wedding anniversary games that are sure to work for large crowds.

DIY Photo Booth

Everyone loves a good photo booth. They can be really fancy like the 360 photo booths. Or, you can keep it simple and creative by making your own props and backdrop. Either way, you’ll have some great photo memories to cherish. The photos also make for great party favors.


A dance-off requires two teams of people willing to bust out their best moves on the dance floor. For each song, each team chooses a member of their team to dance. The best moves win! You and your hubby will be the judge of which team is the best. 

The dance battle at a large party is sure to be epic, especially if you have multigenerational guests. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos.

Photo Safari

Photo safari is similar to a scavenger hunt. Give your guests a list of things they need to take a picture of and whoever gets all the photos the fastest wins. The tricky part is giving them photos that are not completely obvious. 

Here’s an example from a photo safari I participated in once. The list item was “take a picture standing on water.” 😯 Me and my partner realized the cross street near them was called Water Street! We took a picture standing near the street sign.

Limbo Bar

Limbo is a pretty familiar game for most. We recently had some friends play this game at their engagement party. The twist was if you made it under the limbo bar, you had to do a shot. Needless to say, things got pretty interesting for people who stayed in the game the longest.

Famous Couples Costume Contest

This is a party theme for fun-loving couples. Ask your guests to come dressed as a famous couple and hold a costume contest during the party. Some may come dressed as Sonny and Cher, and others may come dressed as ketchup and mustard. It will be fun seeing everyone’s creativity.

Clothespin Game

The clothespin game is a subtle party game that can last throughout the event. Even the most unlikely joiner can play this game. Everyone gets a clothespin. If you’re caught saying a specific word – like wedding – the person who catches you can steal your clothespin. The person with the most at the end of the party wins.

Love Story

Love story is one of my favorite, albeit sentimental, wedding anniversary games. Celebrate the other longstanding couples you know by creating a video collage of each couple sharing pearls of wisdom. Include an anniversary couple who has reached each decade of marriage — 10, 20, 30, etc.

Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas for games and activities, here’s a few tips for planning your wedding anniversary party.

Wedding Anniversary Party Tips

I get it. After all the planning, you want to have a party people will enjoy and remember. Try these tips for making it fun and special.

How Do You Make an Anniversary Party Fun?

Make it easy on yourself. Take as much of the burden off yourself as possible. Book a venue instead of hosting at your home, or ask a friend to host. 

Have the event catered or make it potluck style. The least you have to worry about, the more fun you’ll have. And when you’re having more fun, your guests will too.

Plan for entertainment. It hurts my heart when people gather a great group of guests together and just hope fun happens. Sometimes it will but sadly, that’s not always the case. 

Good news – you’re already off to a great start with this list of games and activities. Make it unique by including performances by talented friends or local artists.

How Do You Make a Wedding Anniversary Special?

Capture the memories. Be intentional about capturing memories so you don’t miss them. Hire a photographer or crowdsource photos from your guests by using a signature hashtag for social media. 

Don’t forget to cheers. A toast is a great way to connect with everyone at once, even at a large party. Additionally, toasts are wonderful times to share your thoughts and appreciation with your guests, and it allows them an opportunity to share words of love and support for you as well. 

It’s also a great way to cap off the night if you want to give people a cue to start heading out. Hey, parties are fun. But, you and your hubby may still want some romantic alone time to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Games for Any Size Celebration

Whether your anniversary celebration is just the two of you or you’re having the party of the year, entertainment is covered with these wedding anniversary games and activities. Wedding anniversaries are important and worth the effort of celebrating. Make your next wedding anniversary one to remember!