Friday Writing Prompts for Summer Gratitude Journal

Woman's legs sitting on the grass on a sunny day while journaling. Friday writing prompts for summer gratitude journal.

What’s the best way to end the work week and kick off the new week? Journaling, of course! But if you’re like me, sitting down to journal without a place to start is overwhelming. Not to worry, my friend. I’ve got some Friday writing prompts that will help you say buh-bye to this week, and heeeey to next week. 

The Importance of Journaling

Journaling is one of the best self-care practices you can do. It’s also one of the simplest and the cheapest. It helps release all the tension you’ve built up and focus on things that matter. That’s why I journal. 

Journaling gives me time to focus my thoughts and process my emotions. Then I can live my life without a tornado of thoughts in my brain all the time. Eh, hmm. I’m looking at you introverts.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those ultra-deep, think for hours, sit in the dark, and wax on about every flower I saw kind of journalers.

I like to keep it short and sweet so I get what I need from it rather than forcing myself to do something that doesn’t come naturally to me. You know what helps with this – writing prompts.

What are Some Cool Writing Prompts?

There are all kinds of writing prompts that serve different purposes. Some of the more popular writing prompts are gratitude, self-care, and creative outlet. 

  • Gratitude. Gratitude writing prompts focus, not surprisingly, on helping you recognize things to be grateful for.
  • Self-care. Although journaling itself is a form of self-care, self-care writing prompts particularly focus on taking care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They include prompts that help you process your thoughts and emotions.
  • Creative Outlet. Writing prompts focused on creative thinking provide an opportunity to release some creative energy such as creative writing prompts for a short story.
  • A professional writer’s notebook often includes these to keep their creative juices flowing in between projects. They are especially good for creative people who work in fields that don’t allow them to flex their creative muscles fully.

Sounds good but why Friday writing prompts, and what exactly is a gratitude journal? I’m glad you asked!

Benefits of Friday Writing Prompts

For most people, the biggest benefit of Friday writing prompts is being right at the end of the work week. They give you an opportunity to reflect and release any negative experiences from the current week. 

Additionally, Friday writing prompts allow you to reset and prepare for Monday morning with a positive mindset. Furthermore, they help you go into your weekend feeling refreshed and unburdened … so you can actually enjoy it. Plus, they’re less of a commitment than daily writing prompts. So, it’s easy to stick with even if it’s your first time journaling.

If you’re someone whose work week does not typically end on a Friday, you can still use these Friday writing prompts. Simply adjust the day you use them based on your schedule.

What is a Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal is a place you write things you’re thankful for. Prompts for a gratitude journal help you reflect and consider what those things really are It gets challenging to really appreciate the blessings we have when life gets stressful or hectic. 

The benefits of a gratitude journal are filling yourself up with positive vibes and sharing those vibes with the world around you. Gratitude journals are also a tool used for improved mental health and a stronger sense of overall well-being.  

Gratitude journals are also a bit of a training ground. Huh, say what, Tiffany? Let me explain.

Life comes with challenges. There’s really no way around it. Practicing gratitude offers you more resilience when these challenges arise. Gratitude journals are a repository of good things in your life to help you stay positive even during hard times. Focusing on things you are grateful for brings joy and contentment even when things get tough.

Gratitude journals are having a moment and you can buy a pricey one with pre-filled pages, beautiful graphics, and even detailed instructions. On the other hand, you can keep it simple and create your own at no extra cost with the help of a few good writing prompts.

Image of woman journaling while lying on the beach wearing a blue shirt and red and white striped hat. Friday writing prompts for summer gratitude journal.

Friday Writing Prompts for Summer Gratitude Journal

🎶Summer, summer, summertime. Time to kick back and unwind.🎶 Okay, okay, I’m back. Seriously, summertime is my absolute favorite time of year. If you’ve never tried creating a gratitude journal, there’s no better time than when the sun is out and shining. 

No complicated instructions here. Pick any prompt below. Write it in your journal. Write your response to the question. Repeat next Friday. 

Feel free to use any of these prompts as many times as you’d like, in any order that feels good to you.

Now, grab yourself a blank journal, notebook, or just some sheets of paper and try out this fantastic list of journal prompts. They’re perfect for a summer gratitude journal.

5 Minute Friday Writing Prompts on Gratitude 

These 5-minute Friday writing prompts are great for quick journal entries if you are short on free time or, just don’t want to write that long.

  1. Write about three small things you’re grateful for in your weekly routine that you often take for granted.
  1. Think of one person that showed you kindness this week and write why you’re grateful for what they did.
  1. Write about a book, movie, or song that inspired you or lifted your mood, and express gratitude for its influence on your week.
  1. Reflect on one thing that surprised you and why you are grateful for the change.

Outdoor Thankful Friday Writing Prompts

Summer is a time for being outdoors. I guess maybe not so much if you don’t like heat. Nonetheless, I’m sure you’re going to spend some time outdoors at some point during the summer. These fun journal prompts are great for when you do.

  1. Write about an outdoor hobby or activity you enjoy and why you are thankful for the ability to do it.
  2. Take your journal for a short walk around your neighborhood or a local park. Express gratitude for three things you notice.
  3. Write your favorite thing to do on a summer night and why you’re grateful for the ability to do it.
  4. Do something outdoors you usually do indoors and express gratitude for a different feeling or experience this change brings.

    Gratitude Challenge Friday Writing Prompts 

    These gratitude challenge prompts are a great way to express your gratitude and encourage others to do so. Share the positive vibes!

    1. Reflect on a challenge you faced this week. Find one positive thing you’re grateful for from that experience. Find a way to share it with someone else who may be experiencing a similar challenge.
    2. Think about one lesson you’ve learned this week that helped you grow. Write how you will express gratitude to someone who helped you learn that lesson.
    3. Reflect on a time when you needed help or support. Write a small thank you message to the person who provided it.
    4. Write what starting a gratitude journal has done for you and how you will share this with someone else.
    5. Remember a time when you received recognition or praise. Write what you feel gratitude for from that experience. Recognize or give praise to someone else. Bonus points if it’s someone who has been overlooked by others.

    Introvert Petal

    Sharing anything that is private or personal is a challenge in itself. Be kind and patient with yourself when attempting these prompts. Show gratitude for helping someone else by completing one.

    Friday Writing Prompts for Thankful Travel 

    Who says journaling has to be done in the same place? Especially in the summertime when many people are vacationing. Give these Friday journal prompts a whirl on or after your next summer travel.

    1. Write about a place you visited this summer that brought you peace or joy. Express why you’re grateful for this place.
    2. Write about a favorite vacation or travel-related memory and why you’re thankful for that experience.
    3. Recall a time when you got lost while traveling. Write what you are grateful to have experienced or learned in that situation.
    4. Reflect on someone special you’ve been able to visit and why you’re grateful for them.

    Gratitude Friday Writing Prompts for Summer Reflection 

    Reflection is key to identifying points of gratitude in our lives. Use these Friday writing prompts to slow down and reflect on things most impactful in your summer. 

    1. Write about a person you met or spent time with this summer who made a positive impact on your life and express gratitude for them.
    2. Think about one goal you accomplished this summer and express gratitude for your success, and what it took to get there.
    3. Write about a specific skill or talent you have and express gratitude for opportunities to share it with the world.
    4. Reflect on a challenge you overcame this summer and express gratitude for what it took to do so.
    5. Reflect on a goal you created this summer and write your gratitude for achieving this goal in advance.

    ​Bonus Writing Prompts and Tips

    Here’s some of my best advice as a good starting point for journaling.

    • Tip #1: Writing skills are not required. Keeping a journal is about your expression, not how well you can write a sentence. So, silence the voice of your middle school English teacher and let your thoughts free flow, without feeling compelled to edit everything.
    • Tip #2: There’s only room for one. Your journal entry should be your point of view only. Not your mom, or your best friend, or your coworker. Typically when you have writer’s block, it’s because you’re too busy thinking about what other people think or say. The best thing about journaling — none of that matters! So take a deep breath and exhale all your thoughts onto the page.
    • Tip #3: Find your space. Whether it’s your living room or the library, pick a place where you can focus and be undisturbed while writing in your journal. If you have to be around people, try listening to music with your headphones or earbuds to block out other voices.

    Just for Fun Writing Prompts

    Say you’re keeping up with your weekly Friday writing prompts but you feel like writing for fun on a Tuesday. To keep it short and light go with the favorites.

    You can write why you’re grateful for your favorite [fill in the blank]. It’s a great way to scratch your journal itch without requiring a long time or too much thinking. Here’s a few examples:

    • favorite book
    • favorite color
    • favorite song
    • favorite memory
    • favorite animal
    • favorite holiday
    • favorite quote

    Or, you can copy me and write about your favorite season. It’s summer, in case you forgot. 

    Summer Gratitude Journal Writing Prompts

    Journaling is a good practice for processing, learning, and growing from everyday life experiences. A gratitude journal is a great way to use journaling to stay focused on positive things even when life gets challenging. 

    You now have what you need to create your own gratitude journal wherever and whenever you need it. Use these Friday writing prompts to stay peaceful, joyful, and grateful. Happy Journaling!