25 Uplifting Prayer Journal Prompts (For Beginners)

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Prayer journal prompts may be a new concept for some but journaling isn’t. Journaling is a great way to process your thoughts and emotions. It’s good just to have quiet time to think and reflect on things. It’s also a creative way to destress and refocus when you’ve had a hard day. 

Journal prompts are statements or questions to help stimulate this process. Prayer journal prompts, specifically, are primarily focused on your relationship with God, enjoying and growing in that relationship.

What Should I Write in My Prayer Journal?

The main thing about writing in your prayer journal is not to let it feel overwhelming. Journaling should be a time you enjoy. A time that you get to reflect and commune with God. 

If it starts to feel too much like a task, you may want to rethink your approach to journaling. Think of it more as a conversation with your best friend, or writing a love letter to someone who knows you better than anyone else.

Things you should write in your prayer journal are questions, thoughts, and reflections about God and His word. Your feelings on how these are, or aren’t, playing out in the world or your life are great topics to write about as well.

What Do You Pray for in a Prayer Journal?

The short answer to what you should pray for in a prayer journal is anything you want. Your prayer life is your communication with God. There is no have-to when it comes to talking to God – which is all prayer is.

If you need a little help getting the conversation started, try this format:

  1. Start by praising him for something good.
  2. Follow that by telling him how you feel, something you have on your mind, or a question you have. Something you’ve been journaling about is a great option.
  3. Then end by thanking Him and acknowledging that you trust Him with whatever you talked about.

How Do You Make a Prayer Journal for Beginners?

All you need to make a prayer journal for beginners is something to record your thoughts. You can use a pen and paper to create a prayer notebook, or a digital version using a computer. 

When you’re ready to write a journal entry, include the date and write away. It doesn’t have to be complicated or come with an additional cost.

I like to include one or two bible verses related to what I’m thinking about. It helps to write what God’s word says about something. You can also review the bible verses in your head throughout the day or week. This helps to start remembering and understanding His word.

A prayer journal doesn’t have to be something formal or fancy. Many are but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a fancy journal book, go with that. 

If not, you can use a notepad, loose-leaf paper in a folder, or your computer using Word or Google docs. If you’re unsure what to write, give these Christian journal prompts a try.

Prayer Journal Prompts on Journal Entry Page Example

25 Uplifting Prayer Journal Prompts

New to prayer journaling? No worries. These 25 prayer journal prompts will help you get started. I’ve separated them by topic to give you a variety of writing prompts based on your interest.

Some come with specific things to pray and some do not. If there is no specific prayer prompts, include your own prayers by sharing with God what you wrote and how it made you feel. Or, ask Him to show you what you can learn from it.

Scripture Reflection

This section focuses on prayer journal prompts to reflect on God’s word. Insert your topic of choice or interest in the bracketed sections. I’ll include some examples for each.

You may be new to bible study in general. Fret not! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a topic or how to find scriptures about it, try a quick Google search to get you started. 😉 Bible Gateway is also a well-known, free resource.

1. What similarities do I have with [bible character]? How did he/she deal with their challenges?

Example bible characters to focus on: David, Joseph, or Samson.

2. What does [biblical value/characteristic] mean to me? How do I see it in my life?

Example values/characteristics to focus on: patience, joy, or peace.

3. What does [bible verse] mean in the bible? What does it mean for my life?

For this one, any verse that sparks your interest will do. The book of Proverbs is full of verses that are great for beginners.

4. What are the main takeaways from [bible story]? How is it relevant to me?

Example bible stories: David and Jonathan, the Woman at the Well, or Zacchaeus the Tax Collector.

5. What was the message at church about? How can I use it to grow my faith and/or make my life better?

This prompt is a good way to review lessons from your church service.


These simple prompts focus on understanding and living with gratitude. Many people like to reflect on gratitude daily, even by creating a separate gratitude journal.

6. What are three things I’m grateful for and why?

7. Who has helped me in the past that I should show gratitude for? How?

8. What does the bible say about gratitude?

9. How has someone else shown me gratitude? How did it make me feel?

10. How do I normalize gratitude in my life? To whom will I show it, how, and why?

Getting to Know God

These prayer journal prompts will help you get to know God more and strengthen your relationship with Him.

11. How does God feel about me? How do I know?

12. How do I feel about God? How do I show Him?

13. What is my favorite Godly characteristic? Why?

14. What about God doesn’t make sense to me? How can I learn more about this?

15. If someone asked me what God means to me, what would I say?

Prayer for Others

If you’re unsure where to start when people say you should pray for others, these prompts will help narrow that down. Of course, if someone shares specific prayer requests with you, start with those. Otherwise, give these prompts a try.

16. Choose one or two of your family members and pray for something they need (including a relationship with God) or a challenge they are dealing with.

17. Pick a friend that doesn’t know God and pray they meet Him and are receptive when they do.

18. Do you have a community, national, or worldly issue or concern? Share it with God and what you hope to happen.

19. Write 1-2 positive changes you would like to see in your coworkers. Ask God to help with this, or how you can help with this.

20. Pray for your church, church leader, or those who have turned away from God. List out your hopes for them and pray over the list one by one.


This category focuses on using your prayer journal to help reflect on your experiences or process your feelings.

21. Tell God about something that made you laugh today or this week (even if it was just in your head).

22. Think of someone who has hurt you. Tell God about that and ask him for help with forgiveness.

23. Remember something you experienced that you thought was unfair. Why and how would you do it differently for someone else?

24. When have you let your anger get the best of you? How did it make you feel afterward? Ask God to help you do better next time.

25. Think of an experience or activity that brings you joy. Try to capture why and if there is a way to help others feel that way too.

Prayer Journal Prompts for Beginners

Prayer journaling is a great way to communicate with God and process your thoughts about Him, and life in general. The benefits of prayer journaling can include less stress, more joy, and spiritual growth.

For some, it helps to have a tangible action to help you focus during your prayer time. A daily prayer journal is an effective way of accomplishing that.

The concept can seem overwhelming for beginners but it doesn’t have to be. Use these prayer journal prompts for beginners to simplify the process and get started. Happy journaling!