15 Perfect Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend: Introvert Checklist

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Calling all introverts! It’s time for us to meet up somewhere really loud, and talk for hours and hours about nothing important at all.

Just kidding! I am an introvert and I hated even saying that. 😅 Before I had a husband and kids, I loved planning things to do for an introvert weekend at home alone, doing exactly what I wanted and none of what I didn’t.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re a pro at this. However, now and then it’s nice to get a little inspiration for some new things to try. Well, look no further.

This checklist of 15 things to do for introverts will help you plan the perfect way to spend your weekend.

What are Activities for Introverts?

The best activities for introverts usually fall into the self-care space. They include different ways for us to quiet our minds and recharge our energy, without having to interact with others.

Social interaction can be very draining for introverts. So we usually seek quiet time at a place within our comfort zone. For most, that’s usually our home.

Introverts enjoy solo activities that give us both opportunities for deep focus, as well as activities that don’t require us to focus at all. For example, we excel at different activities that require a lot of thinking, planning, and organizing.

Actually, I look forward to creating spreadsheets and project planning for various things. (Proudly waving my nerd flag 🤓) On the other hand, sometimes when I really need to recharge, I’ll do something that doesn’t require thinking at all like binging a show on Netflix.

It just depends on where our energy level is.

Don’t get me wrong, introverts do enjoy having fun. It’s just that our definition of fun may sometimes differ from what an extrovert might think of as fun.

What Do Introverted People Do for Fun?

Introverts enjoy doing a lot of fun things like anyone else. Outdoor activities, sports, movies … all examples of fun activities that introverts enjoy doing.

One major difference is we typically enjoy doing these things in small groups. This allows us to have fun without draining our energy too quickly like we would with large groups.

This is a lot easier to do when spending time with other introverts. They get it without question. Because most introverts feel the same way. It gets a little trickier when introverts are hanging out with extroverts.

Extroverts like stimulating environments with a lot of people. If you’re an extrovert who is friends with an introvert, just remember to find a balance.

Maybe try doing something that’s fun in a large group to start but, end the day or evening with a small group of friends, say over drinks or a meal.

What Makes an Introvert Happy?

An introvert is happiest when they have a perfect balance between energy drainers and energy boosters, or as close as possible. A good mix of social activities that may drain their energy combined with solo activities to recharge their energy is a win-win situation for introverts.

Contrary to common belief, introverts do not desire to be alone all of the time. We like people. We just really need time to build up enough energy to spend time around them.

Trust me when I tell you to allow the introvert in your life to have alone time when needed so they can recharge. No one wants a cranky introvert. 😉

And what should introverts do with that alone time? Say, over the weekend maybe … I’m glad you asked!

15 Perfect Things to Do for Introverts This Weekend

1. Free Your Time

Get ahead of anything (or anyone) that might interrupt your weekend free time. If you have pending or loose plans with someone, proactively cancel or reschedule.

The last thing you want is friends or family members you casually discussed possibly doing something with two weeks ago popping up to make plans.

Tip: pre-write a text you can send to anyone who falls in this category. You can also tweak it to use for any new invites you’re not interested in accepting.

2. Burn Your Energy

Staying in doesn’t have to equal staying still. At least not the whole time. Maintaining good physical health is important to your overall energy level.

Plus, exercise is a good way to release any tension after a stressful day. Additionally, exercise will help you enjoy all that couch time you’re planning guilt-free.

Tip: head to the gym at the start of the weekend. That way if you don’t want to go out until Monday, you’ve already gotten it out of the way.

If you don’t have a gym membership, or just don’t want to go, there are a ton of free workout videos on YouTube that you can do at home.

If you want to get some fresh air, bike rides, a long run, or a long walk are a great idea. Whatever suits you! Just make sure you plan to incorporate movement at some point.

3. Clear Your Space

It’s a lot easier to relax and recharge if you declutter your space. I don’t know about you but, for me, being surrounded by mess only stresses me out more. So do a clean sweep through your home before you settle in.

Tip: you don’t have to do a deep clean. Set a timer for 30 minutes and pick specific cleaning tasks you’ll tackle such as folding a basket of clothes or picking up items on the floor that don’t belong there.

4. Feed Your Body

Everything is better with food. In fact, some of the best hobbies involve food.

My go-to for a weekend in was stopping by my favorite pizza and cupcake spots. Whatever works for you.

Just make sure you don’t get deep into binging your favorite show only to realize there’s nothing in the fridge or nothing to satisfy that snack craving or sweet tooth.

Tip: get it delivered. Most restaurants and grocery stores have some type of delivery service now so it’s as simple as downloading an app.

5. Feed Your Spirit

Prayer and meditation are some of my favorite ways to let go of whatever may have happened during the week, and relax after a long day. They also help me to recenter my mind on positive, uplifting things.

Tip: visit a local church if you feel uncomfortable praying alone, or would like someone to pray for you. If you’re not quite ready for that, many churches stream their services online now.

6. Relax Your Mind

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Mindfulness is a great way to relax your mind. Admittedly, it can sometimes be challenging for introverts since we have such busy minds. However, you can always start small and naturally build it into your normal activities.

Tip: if you’re new to mindfulness, a simple activity is to say what you are doing. It may feel silly but it helps you to focus on what is happening now instead of replaying what’s happened in the past.

7. Release Your Guilt

This is an important one. Introverts are often made to feel guilty or strange for simply taking care of themselves.


Having alone time to recharge is what you need to maintain mental and physical wellness. There’s no reason to feel guilty about that.

Tip: reassure your friends that just because you opt out this time, doesn’t mean you always will. It’s about balance.

8. Find Your Comfort

Everyone has their place where they feel most comfortable and relaxed. For introverts, this place is sacred and the best places are their homes. It is their retreat from a loud and socially demanding world.

Make your comfort zone what you want it to be. After all, you spend a lot of time there so you should. If your comfort zone includes a purple onesie and a bean bag, get it! It’s your comfort zone.

And remember … you don’t have to share it with anyone else unless you want to.

Tip: your comfort zone doesn’t have to be a place only. I’m talking to all the introvert wives and mothers who can’t really choose not to share their space.

Try agreeing with your partner on a set-aside time that is yours to detach from everyone else in the family. Go into your bedroom or another room in the house and close the door. Make that space, during that time, your comfort zone.

9. Free Your Creativity

Creative activity has been found to reduce stress and inspire new thoughts and ideas. Find an activity to get your creative juices flowing.

Writing, doodling, a painting kit, singing, it can be anything. Just allow yourself to be freely expressive in whatever you do. You can even try out adult coloring books. Y

es, that’s a thing now and it’s a great way to practice mindfulness as well.

Tip: being creative doesn’t mean being perfect. You don’t have to create the next great masterpiece. Just have fun with it.

10. Check Your To-Do

Ok. I get it. You’re a busy person with a busy life. Weekends when you have absolutely nothing to get done are probably few and far between.

So, for the busy folks, plan a time to look at your to-do list. Pick 1-2 things and set a time to accomplish them.

Tip: if your to-do is going to take longer than an hour or so, give yourself a realistic progress goal or stopping point.

Then pick it up on another day or weekend. This way, you’ve contributed to your goal without letting it take up your whole weekend.

11. Take Your Retreat

This goes along with creating your comfort zone. Who says you can’t have a spa experience at home? Some aromatherapy via candles, bath oils or salts, and a home pedicure kit could do just the trick.

Tip: this doesn’t have to be expensive. Check the health and beauty section at Walmart or another discount store. You’ll be surprised what you can find that has an expensive impact for a low price.

12. Block the Noise

Most introverts I know keep their notifications on silent. But if you don’t, now’s the time to give it a try.

It doesn’t mean you have to completely unplug (unless you want to). You’ll just be more intentional about when and if you check in with your text messages, email, or social media.

Tip: if there’s someone that you do want to prioritize communication with – like your spouse, your kid, or emergency contact – add them to your favorites. This way you can turn off notifications without worrying about missing something from them.

13. Turn Yourself Off

We quiet types are exactly that on the outside but, there’s is a busy universe of thoughts on the inside. The busyness of your mind can sometimes make you just as tired as being around people.

Give yourself a chance to turn your mind off for a while. It will make your rest and recharge time much more effective.

Tip: journaling is a great way to release or calm a lot of your thoughts. Writing not your thing? Try jigsaw puzzles or bingeing your favorite tv shows.

14. Take a Nap

I love a good nap! Unfortunately, I don’t usually have time for one but when I do, believe I’ll take advantage of it. A nap is a fantastic way to restore your energy.

Tip: timing is important. Sleeping too long can make you more tired, while a nap that’s too short can make you irritable. I suggest somewhere between 30 to 90 minutes. But, of course, adjust to what works for you.

15. Plan Your Next

Don’t let coming to the end of your weekend get you down. Plan the next time you’ll treat yourself to a stay-in weekend. Circle it on your calendar and get excited about it.

Tip: whip out this checklist and run through it for whatever weekend you choose. If you know it’s coming, it’s easier to plan for it.

How Can I Help An Introvert Person?

An extrovert reading this may be wondering how you can help or support an introvert in your life. Give them the space they need to recharge and don’t try to force them to be an extrovert.

Share this checklist with them and wish them happy introverting. Also, they will probably appreciate snacks so throw in some snacks. 😋

The Perfect Introvert Weekend Checklist

There are 15 things to do for introverts to have the best weekend. It’s an easy checklist that will yield major results. You won’t want to do your weekend any other way.